"I am interested in the board of trustees position because I know I can make a difference during these trying times. Below is a list of the main issues that I intend to address during my tenure."
Structural Racism

We need to address structural racism in Psychiatry through the APA, with formal input from the MUR and the Council on Minorities and be more conscious of how it negatively impacts the mental health of minorities. At the APA level, we must strive to achieve a fair representation of minorities on the district branches, the Assembly, and the Board.

As I mentioned in my recent Action Paper, "Condemning Rise of White Supremacist Violence", we must also actively condemn White Supremacist attacks as an organization.

Parity of coverage

Insurances should cover mental health treatments on an equal basis as other medical conditions. 

As trustee, I plan on addressing this issue through the Association.

Scope of Practice

We need to fight the untrained practice of Psychiatry by other practitioners, such as other psychologists. We need to support the district branches to continue the fight at a local level.

Telemedicine Post-COVID

COVID-19 may have made Telemedicine more mainstream, but it is important that we consider videoconferencing as a long term tool for Psychiatry. To some populations, especially tech-savvy younger populations, working professionals and the rural communities, it can make all the difference in facilitating consultations.

For geriatric patients, the continuation of phone consultations are more practical, and so it is important to advocate for continued coverage.

US Immigrations Policies

We must advocate for the continuation of renewal of the J-1 Visa for International Medical Graduates (IMG's). The proposed policy of the immigration departments would affect the timely renewal of the Visas, creating a gap that will affect IMG's and residency programs alike. 

Healthcare Disparities in Minorities

COVID-19 has sorely exposed the healthcare disparities in our Minority populations, affecting them in a disproportionate manner. By acknowledging these disparities, we can now actively advocate for equal healthcare coverage. 


Maintenance Of Certification is a pressing concern for our younger members. The unreasonable requests by the Psychiatric Board causes undue stress and hardship among all members, but especially on minorities that do not take it in disproportionate numbers. This in turn, results in them leaving the APA, as they do not feel represented. I will make sure that these issues are clearly communicated to the Board so that they can take priority.

Diversity and Equity Goals and Inclusion

In 2009, 7 MUR committees were eliminated. The 2020 Institute of Pyschiatric Services was canceled. We need to reestablish these committees and the Conference. 

Diversity is one of APA's Strategic Goals.