Experienced Leadership Delivering Results for Our Community

I believe that I’m fully qualified to be a productive member of the board because of my broad professional training and experience dating back to 30 plus years. Most of my career has been in service of the immigrant community of El Paso, TX, a city bordering Mexico. 


I have tirelessly advocated for the rights of minority communities through my advocacy work, described below, and have consequently empowered them. As an immigrant myself, I truly understand the importance of not only being represented in organizations, but also in directly contributing to them and having a seat at the table. Furthermore, I have a unique perspective on immigration policies that impact the Latino and other marginalized communities in a way that most others don’t have, by virtue of living in an immigrant community.

I possess the medical skills necessary to effectively treat my patients, and also have decades of leadership and administrative experience in the psychiatric field to become an M.U.R. trustee. It is my devotion and tireless effort that has resulted in a thriving private practice for over 30 years. I am confident that I will be able to administer my duties as trustee with the same passion and enthusiasm as I do everything else I am dedicated to, professionally and in advocacy alike. 

During my career, both in the inpatient and outpatient fields of psychiatry substance abuse across all ages, has led me to hold multiple leadership positions in the public and private sector. At the current time, I’m the medical director of the newest psychiatric hospital in El Paso, Rio Vista Behavioral Health. In addition to my administrative duties, I am clinically in charge of 3 different clinical units.​ Our hospital is performing at the highest level.


My administrative experience also involves the academic sphere, where I was tasked with starting the outpatient psychiatric clinic for the psych department at Texas Tech El Paso. There, I was involved as a clinical associate professor of psychiatry at Texas Tech for four years, teaching medical students as well as psychiatric and family medicine residents. At the current time, I am a preceptor for physician assistant students from different schools.

I have been president of SWAHAP, Southwest Association of Hispanic American Physicians, of El Paso as well as president of the National Confederation of Hispanic American Medical Association. Furthermore, I have served the American Society of Hispanic Physicians as well as Texas Society of Psychiatric Physicians, where I was in charge of the annual meeting.


​I have also been involved with civic organizations, such as LULAC, League of United Latin American Citizens, where I was part of the healthcare board, in addition to presiding over the physician chapter.

If elected to the board, I will contribute my broad range of skills, experience, and unique perspective in efforts of addressing the issues previously mentioned.

Please see key issues I am passionate about on the Platform section of this website.

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