Oscar Perez

for Trustee of the Minority and Underrepresented Groups- Governing Board of the American Psychiatric Association, 2021
Passion - Experience - Leadership


My current position is the Hispanic representative for the APA Assembly as a member of the MUR committee.

My affiliation with the Assembly dates back to 1995 when I first became the Hispanic representative and, subsequently, the MUR Chair. In 2003, I again rejoined the Assembly as a Hispanic representative and was elected as MUR chair for a second time. During my tenure, I became the president of the Hispanic committee as well. I have worked with most assembly committees and learned how to collaborate with my colleagues so that we can ensure that our interests are represented.


Fighting for minority rights has always been a personal quest. I recently presented to the assembly an action paper detailing the dangers of White Supremacy Violence and another action paper regarding Google Professional Practice Interference.  

If elected to Trustee, I will focus on these key issues:

  • Fighting structural racism; 

  • MOC issues; 

  • Telemedicine Post-COVID; 

  • Healthcare disparities for minorities; 

  • Parity of coverage; 

  • Scope of practice; 

  • US immigration policies in regards to J’1 Visas for IMG’s; 

  • Diversity and equity of inclusion in APA.